A good
Spanish teacher
comes from

I have been teaching Spanish for more than 14 years and I live in Valle Gran Rey, La Gomera.

Spanish Classes for 14 years.

I studied Socioculture, Culture and Society at the Central University of Santa Clara in Cuba, studied pedagogy and made a foray into psychology.

First Spanish class at university

After five years of study, I began teaching Spanish and Latin American literature at a University of Trinidad. These were my first steps in applied pedagogy and gave me the first opportunity to experience in practice what it means not only to become a teacher, but to become a good teacher. You don't learn that in college, you learn that through experience.

Some time later I took a special course to teach Spanish to non-Spanish speakers.

My career as a Spanish teacher with students from different countries began during a trip to Tenerife. They attended a language school in Trinidad  that incorporated both theory and practice.

This is now almost 10 years ago! My approach to teaching has become even more individual and is based on students' learning skills, whether in group or individual classes. Most of my students come from Germany, France, England, Belgium and Switzerland.

I have worked with both young people and adults over the years. And every hour I learned something new. All students are different and have different needs. I have worked in Trinidad with students from Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, England, Ireland, etc. My experience in teaching Spanish has increased over the years with practice and dedication to each class.

Why do I like to be
Spanish teacher?

It's a question I've been asked by many of my students, and I always answer with enthusiasm: I like to see how people develop in their personal or professional lives. When a student learns my language in a more or less short time, for me it is the greatest gift, the greatest satisfaction.

It's never easy to learn something new, let alone a foreign language. So a big round of applause for the brave adventurers who set out to learn Spanish or improve their language skills, for whatever reason, for work, holidays or simply for the love of language and culture.

"You are as you speak," my grandfather always said...

For me, Spanish is a fun language, full of broad emotions and deep feelings. It is a more or less intelligent game of tenses and words, of phrases with simple or subtle double meanings. Our language reflects who we are and where we come from, our family history.

Teaching has always been
my dream job.

Trinidad is my birthplace, a beautiful place in southern Cuba. My grandparents emigrated from Tenerife, Canary Islands many years ago to work and live in Cuba. That's why I feel at home in both the Spanish and Cuban worlds.

Cuba is a very beautiful and interesting country. The history is impressive and although it belongs to the communist countries, my life there was very happy. I had a good childhood and many friends. We competed in the streets, parks and squares. Our favorite games were "El Escondite", "Tira bolas" or simply "saltar la suiza" ("comba" in Spanish).

We spend a lot of time outdoors: in the sun and in the heat of the day. There was no modern technology, no internet and little television. Of the few children's shows, my favorites were Flipper or Lassie. Maybe you know them too?

When I was little, I enjoyed teaching others. At the age of 15 I knew that my dream job was that of a teacher.

From Trinidad to La Gomera

Later, after my marriage, I became a mother of two very active and handsome children (moms always say that :). Their names are Ricardo and Rodrigo, traditional Spanish names often found in Spanish history as they represent strength and power.

They are both very sporty and love football more than anything. And although they are children who live in a different economic and political system than I had then, my Cuban husband Yoslandi and I try to offer them a simple and happy life here in La Gomera.

At some point I decided to move with my family away from Cuba to the Canary Islands. It is the land of my ancestors. Since then, almost 10 years have past living on the island of La Gomera.

La Gomera is a very special small island with many facets of nature, beautiful beaches, away from all the noise and pollution of big cities. All people, but especially families, live here close to nature and in safety.

As you know me better now, we can talk directly, no matter if you are beginner or advanced!


Would you like to learn Spanish with me?
I am ready!

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